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Throwback Thursday: Random Access Memory (RAM)

As a new feature here at dougandmegan[dot]com, we’re going to try and post a Throwback Thursday-related article every, uh, Thursday. A coworker of mine posted a link to this article in one of our Slack channels, and I thought it was worth posting¬†here. I am fascinated by the progress that’s been made in the field… Read more »

Ke’e beach and Kauai exploration

We woke up bright and early (still on Utah time) on our second day and conveniently caught the sunrise. After a quick breakfast of chocolate-banana croissants and local coffee from Haole Girl Island Sweets, we decided to explore the island a bit.¬†Kauai has one main road and if you go the the very end of… Read more »

And….we’re back! Sort of.

Forgive us for the lack of content here, but we just got dougandmegan[dot]com back up and running. Someone – alright, it was me – let our past registration lapse and things were out of commission here for a while. As I sit here at 32,010 feet on our way to Kauai and think about the… Read more »