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Hiking the Napali coast and the best sushi I’ve ever eaten

After our failed attempt at hiking the Napali coast earlier in the week, we decided to try our luck again. We hit the trail at about 9:30am and found it open (red danger tape still up, but not blocking the way). We knew this was going to be tough (especially not having done a strenuous… Read more »

Trail closure, chick attack, and making the best of a rainy day

We started off our day with the best of intentions of hiking the Kalalau trail on the Napali coast. However, when we arrived to the trail head, we were greeted with red tape, police, and trail closure signs. We couldn’t get any immediate information about the status of the trail or when the park service… Read more »

Chocolate farm tour and waterfalls

Yesterday we started our day with coffee and egg sandwiches on taro buns from Passion Bakery Cafe¬†before heading up to the family owned¬†Steelgrass Farms for our chocolate and farm tour. During this 3 hour tour, we learned about growing, harvesting, and making vanilla beans and chocolate. Each vanilla bean on this farm is hand pollinated… Read more »